The Connect’s Wife IV The Connect’s Wife Series


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Love is extremely complicated. How in the world is Christian Knight controlling Farren’s mind and heart from a prison cell? He’s in her dreams her nightmares and even with her in the shower. Farren attempts to stay strong and move on with the “love” of her life Jonte. But somehow someway Christian Knight is lurking in the shadows.
Farren seems to never be able to see through the bull because of course love causes a person to turn a blind eye to foolishness.
Will Farren become The Connect and Jonte the keeper of the house?
Farren seriously needs to make up her mind. Will she allow resentment and redemption to swallow her whole or will she let the thought of her and Christian Knight being married forever keep her from experiencing true love?
Farren Knight or Farren Rivers which last name will it be….

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