Lazer Tag 2 Player Battle System Game

Complete 2 player system lets you battle in intense real life lazer combat


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Laser Tag Multiplayer Battle System. Tag or be tagged in this intense real life lazer combat game! The Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System includes everything needed for two players to do battle in an intense game of lazer combat. Whether you run around in a mad shooting spree or employ stealth methods Lazer Tag lets you live out your marksman or shooting fantasies without any actual weapon fire. The Battle System allows for two players to play but by purchasing more taggers you can include more players in your battles. The included Phoenix LTX taggers look and feel good and they also registers hits shots and special weapon activations. You’ll be notified by a combination of lights sounds and vibrations. The Shot Blast attachment lets you tag multiple targets at once boosting your overall hit damage. The system includes a rumble pack that lets you know when you’ve been hit and the gun recoils with each shot just like a real gun. A manual reload feature lets you restock ammo more realistically. The Pinpoint Sight attachment lets you be a sharpshooter or sniper by lining up your shots for incredible accuracy. Video Game Attachment for Single Player Fun When you are not battling someone else you sharpen your skills by playing the video game attachment. Simply connect the module to your television and you’ll enter a first person world with unique environments locations operations and unlockable weapons. Note: Video game module is designed for use with CRT TVs only and not for use with projection TVs high definition TVs or plasma TVs. Note: Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System requires 12 AA batteries (included!). Invite your friends to join you in multi player modes (additional taggers sold separately) and watch your back or be tagged! What’s in the Box: Two Phoenix guns two Shot Blast attachments two Pinpoint Sight targeting units video game module and all batteries to begin immediate play! Complete 2 player system lets you battle in intense real life lazer combat
Features 2 Phoenix LTX taggers for fun action packed competition
Taggers register hits with lights sounds and vibrations
Includes 2 Phoenix LTX taggers requires 12 AA batteries
Phoenix LTX taggers use a class 1 LED infrared light 40 nanometers wavelength

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