Gas X offers fast effective relief from pressure bloating and discomfort. Unlike antacids it is specially formulated to relieve the symptoms of gas and rescue you from embarrassing situations. Gas X contains the powerful anti gas medicine simethicone and is the #1 Doctor Recommended Gas Relief Brand (Among OTC brands).Keep out of reach of children. Relieves gas pressure bloating and discomfort
Specially formulated with simethicone for fast gas relief
Features a liquid center wrapped in a smooth gel coating thats easy to swallow
1 Doctor Recommended Gas Relief Brand among OTC brands
Available in 2 forms chewables Cherry Crme and Peppermint and soft gels

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Manufacturer: Gas X;
Model: 0030043900572;
MPN: 300439005721;
Part Number: 300439005721;
UPC: 300439005721;
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Brand: Gas X;
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Size: 72 Count;
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Label: Gas X;
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